ISOSettlePro incorporates operational intelligence into its deliverables, ISOSettlePro gathers, relates and presents operational and business data in near real-time to improve performance. Through ISOSettlePro, you have a single coherent view of information, enabling a variety of solutions in operational management and decision support.

CYCG first introduced ISOSettlePro as a set of settlement reporting services for the California ISO (CAISO) market. We expanded our service to the Southwest Power Pool (SPP) in early 2014. We have expanded our service even further to support the CAISO Energy Imbalance Market (EIM) in the fall of 2014.

ISOSettlePro's complete suite of tools is suitable to handle any company's business needs including: Financial Reporting, Forecasting, Reconciliation, Verification and Validation, Payment and charge allocation, Client-specific reporting and analysis, and Operational intelligence analytics

Market participants have a critical need to understand the financial consequences of their wholesale energy transactions. CYCG can explain them. ISOSettlePro is at the core of this service.


Between the available standard ISOSettlePro reports and the CYCG customization services, clients enjoy a comprehensive overall understanding of their settlements process.


Continually enhanced not only to keep pace with changes in the marketplace but also to rapidly respond to changes in client business requirements.


Configured to respond to marketplace changes, integrate smoothly with your existing upstream and downstream systems, and address new business requirements in general.


CYCG provides ISOSettlePro reports and files in the form of industry-standard Microsoft Excel workbooks. This format allows clients to directly sort, filter, pivot, and otherwise manipulate data as needed, especially data found in multiple reports and files without the necessity of importing, cutting, or pasting from an external system. The use of Excel greatly reduces training time while maximizing analyst productivity, enabling clients to focus on analysis without routinely performing non-value-added tasks.

If clients anticipate the need for more intensive ad hoc analysis, they can opt to subscribe to the new CYCG data warehouse service, which puts business intelligence (BI) directly in the hands of the end users. Within ISOSettlePro, BI allows users to ask high-level questions about settlement activity over time, and then drill-down into the details of billing determinants, attributes, meter reads, and other supporting data.


Marketplace changes occur at a rapid pace. CYCG fully supports CAISO Market Simulation activities, providing clients with separate Market Simulation settlement reports to the extent that data is available. This allows clients to see and understand the financial consequences of new market initiatives. In all cases, any and all changes in ISOSettlePro functionality that are driven by market rule changes, including changes that may be needed to support client-specific functionality are performed by CYCG for no additional charge.

CYCG consultants frequently serve as key players in supporting ongoing client business process improvement efforts; including the design and implementation of new or revised reports, files, and processing schedules. With few exceptions, CYCG provides this client support at no additional charge.


ISOSettlePro is a fully hosted solution. CYCG takes full responsibility for daily system operations, eliminating the need for clients to buy, build, develop, or maintain complex and expensive IT infrastructure. This centralization benefits clients across the entire life cycle; it allows potential clients to evaluate the actual CYCG service offering with relatively little setup, it accelerates initial implementation schedules, it enables rapid response to operational questions and issues, it facilitates the introduction of new features and functionality, and it enables the rapid introduction of client-specific service enhancements.

In all cases in which clients performed an initial evaluation of ISOSettlePro against other build or buy options, ISOSettlePro proved to have the lowest expected total cost of ownership (TCO).