Here are some questions that we feel business should ask themselves when evaluating a vendor.

We can't anticipate every question that a client might have, but we can share some of the most common concerns we've heard expressed, along with some guidelines we follow that minimize overall project risk.

operational efficiency concerns

  • • Are you unable to gain a big picture; view of your business activities?
  • • Do your current processes provide you with less information than you need to improve your productivity and profitability?
  • • Are your current processes not fully integrated, either upstream or downstream?
  • • Do you need to assign valuable resources to non-value-added tasks?
Our Response

At CYCG, we know that every client has a unique combination of resources, challenges, concerns, and opportunities plus a unique set of business needs. Our first priority is to understand your current business processes and identify potential enhancements. We ensure that we are delivering realistic, practical solutions that satisfy the evolving information needs of clients organizations.

Because of this philosophy, ISOSettlePro was originally designed and is continually enhanced to address the business needs of CYCG's diverse client base. Given the rich variety of the underlying transactions it supports, even the basic out-of-the-box ISOSettlePro solution is more robust than the full suite of tools offered by most other vendors. ISOSettlePro allows clients to select from a broad portfolio of existing capabilities, and CYCG consulting services ensure that additional requirements including integration with your current processes are met efficiently and painlessly.

CHange management concerns

  • • How well do your processes respond to marketplace changes?
  • • Does your technical support staff understand your short-term and long-term business needs?
  • • Does your business support staff understand their short-term and long-term technical needs?
  • • Do you spend more time managing your technology than managing your core business?
Our Response

At CYCG, we spend the time and effort to get to become a part of your team we get to know your staff, your concerns, and your objectives. We understand the market, and we stay current with market requirements, trends and protocols. We know how to leverage technology to give our clients a competitive edge.

As a result, we can proactively develop solution approaches that address not only your current and future business environment, but also anticipated market-wide changes. We also provide the training, the business knowledge, and the technical support to make it happen.

Cost-Related Concerns

  • • Can your current technical infrastructure scale up to meet your business objectives?
  • • Are you concerned that you lack the funds to introduce needed changes in your organization?
  • • Do you have a firm grasp of your total cost of operation (software, hardware, staffing, rent, etc.)?
  • • Do necessary system upgrades and enhancements continually result in unexpected delays, operational embarrassments, and cost surprises?
Our Response

CYCG isn't a simple outsourcing service; we are an industry-recognized solution provider, capable of understanding and adapting to your specific business and technical requirements. CYCG hosted services give you the flexibility and scalability to rapidly change in response to new markets and new opportunities. We ensure that the solutions we provide align with both your immediate business needs and your strategic objectives, and we deliver those solutions on time, with minimal business risk. We deliver tools, functionality, and capability - and we generally do it for a fixed fee.

Vendor Relationships

  • • Does your vendor system adapt to your business processing requirements?
  • • Does your vendor system require you to have additional staff because of manual effort it requires?
  • • Does your vendor system match your way of doing work or work to reduce your workload effort?
  • • Does your vendor constantly work with you to improve your results?
Our Response

At CYCG, we typically provide our clients with a hosted suite of services tailored to your exact requirements. We handle the details so you can focus on your core operations. We specify, procure, customize, implement, test, and maintain the entire infrastructure. We train your staff, provide necessary business and technical support, and generally do whatever it takes to make you succeed. We constantly work with our clients to reduce and eliminate any non-value added work. The simple fact is that having the right partner matters. At CYCG, we deliver solutions that work for you.