Fees and charges

The final determination of fees and charges will necessarily depend on the specific set of services requested. However, clients can rely on several general principles that underlie CYCG's business approach.

Ease of Transition.

In order to encourage the use of its free one-month evaluation offer, and to demonstrate the ease of transition to CYCG products and services in general, CYCG will not charge any up-front development, set-up, or other implementation fees.

Maximize Value. Reduce Financial Risk.

In order to maximize the value of its services while reducing the financial risk to its clients, CYCG pricing is typically based on a fixed monthly fee. This means that there are no additional charges for help desk usage, general requests for assistance, reasonable enhancement requests, or other support that for other vendors may discourage or delay timely issue resolution. In order to better assess the support it provides, CYCG will participate in regular discussions with clients either on the phone or in person, as needed, again for no additional charge. In short, clients get the support they need with no invoicing surprises.

Vendor Fees Should Not Be a Primary Factor in Your Decision Making Process.

CYCG believes that vendor fees should not be a primary factor in client decision processes. Rather than impose arbitrary limits on the number of users, connections, or transactions, CYCG primarily relies on corporate-level pricing within a particular control area.

System Infrastructure That Doesn't Get in the Way.

CYCG offers ISOSettlePro on an online SaaS basis, clients do not need a complicated and expensive technical infrastructure, nor is there a need for additional end-user licenses. Instead, the minimum requirements to use ISOSettlePro are that the user must have a PC equipped with Internet access and Microsoft Office. Clients wishing to utilize ISOSettlePro's business intelligence functionality must acquire additional BI software for each PC.

Free trial offer

CYCG understands that ISO Scheduling Coordinators are unable to fully evaluate potential ISO service providers without seeing the service in action. We believe that the best short-term solution is to offer a free no-strings-attached one-month free trial of ISOSettlePro.

When CYCG principals were on the buying side it was difficult to understand operationally what was included in proposed vendor services and that's why we provide a free trial service. With the free trial you would get our routine informational reports, from this you could do a thorough analysis of CYCG services you would receive and compare them side by side with the existing service/system you have. You can do all of this with no obligation to you. CYCG does not charge any setup fees for its ISOSettlePro service. Contact us for more information.